Barry Kimball
Barry Kimball pursued a master's degree in Finance, and currently, he is working as a news writer in Current Cryptocurrency.News. He contributes in-depth analysis on most of the cryptocurrencies along with news articles on Finance.
Jose Brown
Jose Brown writes about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He joined Current Cryptocurrency.News as a news writer, and he has years of experience in news writing. He also loves trading cryptocurrencies, and in his free time, he learns new tools of trading platforms.
Marvin Murray
Marvin Murray is working at Current Cryptocurrency.News as a sub-editor. He has years of experience in writing financial news for the foremost publications. He always does new strategies in content marketing. His analytical skills are very excellent.
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas is one of the brilliant writers at Current Cryptocurrency.News. He loves to write about blockchain technology. He always conducts in-depth research and then writes his articles. He also loves to write about cryptocurrency market updates.