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  • SAND Is Now on the Largest US Crypto Exchange Coinbase May 27, 2022
    The metaverse token is becoming the real deal in the crypto market as the global exchanges fight to acquire its market. In a newsletter shared by The SandBox, we are notified about Coibase’s listing of the SAND tokens. In addition to the US, the exchange will list the metaverse tokens in more than 100 countries […]
    David Cox
  • OpenLuck NFT Welcomes Chainlink Keepers for Luck Trading May 27, 2022
    Chainlink landed yet another partnership this month for its Keepers, VRF, and price feed solutions. OpenLuck, a cross-chain NFT marketplace, has signed a bulk deal with the oracle solution for multiple trustless services on BNB. The project hopes that these functions would complement its Luck Trading model which is a combination of crowdfunding and raffle […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Justin Sun Shares Opinions on the Prospects of Web3 And Decentralization May 27, 2022
    In a trailer for a documentary, Justin Sun shared the details of how cryptocurrency could become an essential financial infrastructure across the globe. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, predicted that the future holds a lot of possibilities for Web3 and Decentralization. A few statistics were placed to show how much the crypto market has […]
    Trevor Holman
  • FNDZ to Bring Accurate Price Feeds From ChainLink Oracle May 27, 2022
    The ChainLink oracle had signed an integration deal with the copy trading firm FNDZ. The oracle network will be integrated with the FNDZ trading platform built on the BNB Chain mainnet for accurate price feeds. In addition to this, ChainLink provides a robust data infrastructure free of tampering and manipulation from third parties. As the […]
    David Cox
  • Partisia Brings Multi-Party Computations to Polygon May 27, 2022
    The Partisia Blockchain network has announced a formal partnership with the Ethereum layer-1 solution Polygon. As per the deal terms, Partisia Blockchain will introduce its privacy-based computations and features on Polygon. A new smart contract will be introduced to help developers build secure privacy infrastructures. Although Ethereum has become one of the largest blockchain networks […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming Pools for Dogecoin and Shiba Inu May 27, 2022
    The newsletter for six new Yield Farming pools on Bitrue was shared on Thursday. As per the announcement, the crypto exchange will dedicate these new pools to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin with a 7% annual percentage yield. The pools are slated to go live on May 27 at 13:00 UTC. Bitrue is one of the […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Explore the White Tiger Event at Hoo May 27, 2022
    Hoo is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Hong Kong, launched in May 2018. The white tiger symbolizes Hoo Exchange, which was lost in the forest at the Hoo creative event, and users must find it to get rewards. To save the white tiger, the lord of the city is rewarded with “X0000U” and invites city […]
    Brian J. Swayze
  • Monero Is Preparing for a Bull Run; Should You Buy XMR Now? May 26, 2022
    Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency that mainly focuses on anonymity during transactions. It has three parts- Ring Signature, RingCT, and Stealth address. The Ring Signature hides the sender, RingCT hides the amount, and the Stealth address makes the receiver anonymous. XMR is the native coin of this network, which is used during the transaction. First, […]
    Trevor Holman
  • SEC Files an Extension: How Will It Impact the Price of XRP? May 26, 2022
    Ripple is a decentralized digital payment platform that runs on RippleNet. Most large cryptocurrencies face issues regarding scalability and slow transactions. Ripple comes with the solution by providing a real-time gross settlement system. It enables transactions to any digital coins. It was created to make the decentralized financial transaction scalable and affordable.  After the US […]
    David Cox

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