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  • Ripple (XRP) Sees an Impressively Bullish Opening of the Week April 6, 2020
    XRP coin has lived up to the expectations of its investors lately; bulls totally seem possessed by the coin The coin is about to test the $0.19 price level with positive bias; despite its slow pace, Ripple price is achieving hights The recent bullish breakout took place overnight; saw an XRP/USD price shoot up above […]
  • Understanding Blockchain Technology In and Out April 6, 2020
    Blockchain is, without doubt, one of the most creative inventions in human history. With this being the case, it is slightly ironic that its creator has so far decided to abstain from taking credit and instead, has so far refused to reveal his/her identity. Blockchain was created in 2008 by a person, or potentially a […]
  • Will COVID’19 Help Bitcoin Overpower the US Dollar? April 6, 2020
    Coronavirus—the Pandemic that broke out in late 2019 is leading to impose a lasting effect on the lives of people mentally and physically worldwide. The physical breakdown may be treated but a mental breakdown is likely to tear apart even further as the world economy crashes into pieces yet digging deeper than the 2008 financial […]
  • Crypto Kanoon Turns 2, Grows to Become Prominent Crypto News and Analysis Firm in India April 6, 2020
    One of India’s leading crypto news and analysis platforms, Crypto Kanoon, is celebrating its 2nd birthday today, and on occasion, it has shared its journey on various social networks so far. At the moment, Crypto Kanoon holds an influential position in the Indian crypto industry, with a strong presence on various social networks like YouTube, […]
  • Indispensable Poker Concepts to Sharpen Your Trading and Investment Skills April 6, 2020
    Poker fundamentals, also called poker concepts, are extremely useful strategies vital not only in poker but also in the development of the thought process required for trading and investment decision making. Today, the poker culture runs very steeply in several financial institutions, especially the wealthy ones that have a deep interest in the game. Top […]
  • Pompliano Says CZ Paying $400 Million to Buy CMC, CZ Says Never Confirmed the Price April 6, 2020
    Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, CZ as he is known commonly, was recently on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast and spoke of various topics ranging from the impact of COVID-19 to Binance’s recent acquisition of CoinMarketCap. While sharing the Spotify link to the podcast on Twitter, Pompliano also said the CZ is paying $400 million to acquire CMC. […]
  • Stuck in Self-isolation With Time to Kill? Try Your Luck at a Bitcoin Casino That Does These 4 Things Right April 6, 2020
    Since we are forced to remain indoors while the world is fighting an unprecedented crisis, online-based activities seem to be the perfect answer to keep us busy in the meantime. Since they are loosely regulated and adrenaline-pumping, Bitcoin casinos pretty much tick all the boxes in the entertainment category. With that being said, it’s a […]
  • Justin Sun Congratulates Poloniex on Launch of “Launchbase” Platform April 6, 2020
    Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, has congratulated the Poloniex Exchange team on the launch of Poloniex Launchbase. He also declared his plans about forming a strategic partnership of the Poloniex Launchbase and Tron Foundation.  Along with the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun is ecstatic to provide complete support to the launch […]
  • Unemployment Seemingly Next Pandemic in the US April 5, 2020
    Coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc on the nations all across the world, thrashing away the world economy, which will soon result in massive unemployment all across the world. The New York Times has recently quoted some of the remarks made by federal officials in its Twitter handle: Vacant jobs and high turnover mean the U.S. […]

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