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  • KuCoin Unveils Its Official Merchandise Store For Crypto Lovers July 6, 2020
    Serving the crypto domain as a world-class cryptocurrency exchange platform, KuCoin has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated project, the KuCoin Merchandise Store, for its global customer community. The store was opened for public access on July 6, at 16:00 UTC+8. The KuCoin exchange team broadcasted the news about its new venture through an official […]
  • Binance Announces Launch Of Testnet Of Binance Smart Chain Solution July 6, 2020
    Working as a market leader in the crypto community, Binance DEX has announced the launch of a brand-new and advanced testnet of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The testnet will involve the launch of two chains named Chapel testnet and Ganges testnet. The chains will be launched on July 9, 2020. The official Binance DEX […]
  • Bitcoin Lacks Traction Yet Powers “Financial Freedom” July 6, 2020
    Bitcoin has always been renowned as “freedom,” when it comes to deriving a one-word reply to the question— “What is Bitcoin?” Bitcoin gives freedom from the financial vows of which otherwise is bound with the rules and limitations of currency or Fiat, overall. #Bitcoin is the ark that will save you from the flood of […]
  • HitHub Releases Global Blockchain Open-Source Node Program; IOST Is The First Partner July 3, 2020
    The globally reputed coworking organization of autonomous developers, HitHub has proudly announced the addition of IOST as the first strategic partner of its highly anticipated project, the Global Blockchain Open-source Node Program. HitHub works as a popular decentralized incentive group for developers, which strives to cater to the prevailing limitations in the industry. The official […]
  • VeChain Retains Complete Support; No Volatile Movement Projected July 3, 2020
    VeChain has been one of those digital assets that have now got a lot of social media impetus after Verge due to a recent spike in price. Moreover, VeChain is many times compared with Ethereum and is believed to take over Ethereum as the former is now the leading dApp platform in terms if developer […]
  • OKChain and BitSong come together for providing vibrant ecosystems to users July 2, 2020
    In an important announcement that has far-reaching implications for the music industry, BitSong and OKEx have come together to provide users with combined advantages of their vibrant ecosystems. Just so you know, OKEx has its open blockchain project by the name OKChain, and recently OKChain has published a list of partners that it will partner […]
  • TRON Gains for the 5th Day Straight; Spikes Above $0.0170 July 2, 2020
    TRON 4.0 is set to release on July 7, 2020 and is known as Great Voyage. TRON 4.0 is aimed to retain all the benefits of decentralized Web Tron to augment the framework of a decentralized internet. TRON Protocol—the blockchain-based largest operating system offers scalability, high-availability, and high-throughput computing. This acts as a support for […]
  • Samsung Collaborates with Uppsala Security July 1, 2020
    The prolonged and widespread lockdowns have almost forced everyone to go digital, and this seems to be a boon for the businesses which provide services that are largely electronic-based. The tech-savvy masses can now totally enjoy digital transactions with a sense of maximum possible safety with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. While the year has been […]
  • Stellar Elevates Global Payments System; XLM Yet to Follow July 1, 2020
    The payment industry has always been triggered by the word “instant” global payments, and the need for quick money transfers is a global want in situations like the Pandemic that is ongoing. However, the traditional payment industry includes the middlemen commission, which increases the fee for the sender depending on the amount of money to […]

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